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courser n : swift-footed terrestrial plover-like bird of southern Asia and Africa

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< cursier, corser (French: coursier), from curs "course".


  1. A dog used for coursing.
  2. A person who practises coursing.
  3. A hunter.
  4. A stone used in building a course.
  5. A racehorse or a charger.
  6. A North African bird, of the genus Cursorius, that runs.




  • OED 2nd edition 1989



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The Coursers are a group of birds which together with the pratincoles make up the family Glareolidae. They have long legs, short wings and long pointed bills which curve downwards. Their most unusual feature for birds classed as waders is that they inhabit deserts and similar arid regions.
They have cryptic plumage and crouch down when alarmed to avoid detection by predators.
Like the pratincoles, the coursers are found in warmer parts of the Old World. They hunt insects by running.
Their 2-3 eggs are laid on the ground.

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  • Hayman, Marchant and Prater, Shorebirds ISBN 0-873403-19-4
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Houyhnhnm, Nimrod, antelope, arrow, beater, big game hunter, blue darter, blue streak, brood mare, cannonball, charger, colt, critter, dart, dobbin, eagle, electricity, entire, entire horse, equine, express train, filly, flash, foal, gazelle, gelding, greased lightning, greyhound, hare, horse, hunter, huntress, huntsman, jacker, jacklighter, jet plane, light, lightning, mare, mercury, mount, nag, prancer, quicksilver, rocket, scared rabbit, shikari, shot, sportsman, sportswoman, stalker, stallion, steed, streak, streak of lightning, striped snake, stud, studhorse, swallow, tarpan, thought, thunderbolt, top horse, torrent, trapper, trooper, war-horse, white hunter, wild horse, wind
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